Our Mission


At Concentric Solutions our team focuses on your success.

Who We Are?

Culture \ People \ Process \ Outcomes

At Concentric we partner with you to bring security plans, programs, and solutions to your organization.
We do this by following a holistic approach to interfacing with your organization.

What We Do?

We create, manage, and execute strategic plans and programs to ensure your organization’s success. Our unique approach of managing overlapping areas of interest is how we fill the gap in your organization.

A successful business must understand business objectives and human needs, synergistically weaving them together in a strategy that can evolve with you, your team, and your customers.


Our unique position allows us to serve our clients with strategic and management consulting that is precisely tailored to your needs.


Creating Programs can be very beneficial to organizations.
Programs differ than Projects in that they can be


In the security world, audits and assessments are critical to creating a safer and secure place for people, property and profits.


Concentric Solutions provides Project Management by focusing on what matters most to you. In understanding your

About Us

Concentric Solutions was born out of the need for support that goes above and beyond the traditional integrator model. Concentric focuses on the end goal of meaningful results, not just security theatre. 

Our technology first approach is derived from an understanding of the IT world coupled with innovations in the security industry.

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